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Afrim Spahiu


Professor, director of photography and art producer.

He was born in Debar on May 3, 1951. He studied at the Academy of Theater, Film and Television at the
University of Zagreb where he earned the Master of Arts degree. During the years 1975 - 1990, he
worked as a cinematographer at RTP and as director of photography in Kosovafilm. From 1975 until
today, as a director of photography, he has performed over 25 feature films and documentaries, a
number of which were praised and rewarded at international festivals.
Since 1981 he has lectured film and digital photography at the Faculty of Arts, AAB College, Evolution
College, Faik Konica Journalism School in Pristina and the International Balkan University in Skopje;
In 2002 - 2005 he founded, lectured and managed the Institute for Film and Photography 'Gjon Mili' in
Prishtina. During 1981 - 2018, he was a member and president of many professional juries in the field of
commercial projects (Show) and visual arts of film.
Since 2007 until today, he has lectured at the State University of Tetova in the direction of CAMERA.
Author and editor of photography in 6 exclusive monographs, catalogs and many publications in the
field of business, art and culture in general, presentations in various panels, curator of several
exhibitions of Kosovar authors, and the International Photography Exhibition "Gjon Mili ", edition V, at
the National Art Gallery in Pristina.
He has also made 12 personal art photography exhibitions and a large number of collections. For
creative and artistic work, from the field of photography and film, he was rewarded with several
national and international awards.

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