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Exhibition of art photography


Kosta Dupcinov Biography

Kosta Dupcinov was born in 1985 in Bitola, Macedonia where he lives and works. His love for
photography started when he was just a little boy, as he became inspired, watching his grandfather
taking and developing photographs. In 2006, he began working professionally, in a photo studio in
his native Bitola, where he photographed various events. As a member of Photo Cinema Club Bitola,
he started participating in exhibitions in 2011, and since then, has taken part in more than 50
exhibitions, winning various awards and acknowledgements for his works. He is currently a Masters
student, studying Cinematography at FIOFA - Film Institute Ohrid Film Academy (part of Prague’s
“It has driven me from the beginning, this power we have as photographers to capture peoples lives
and share their stories, feelings, emotions with millions of people around the world. My mission in
life is to use that power for a bigger cause, to give voice to those who go unheard, to make people
more aware of everyday problems in our environment and finally to make a change.”

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